Here are some examples of the pages we designed for Snowplanet, a snowboarding magazine based in Barcelona.  Furthermore we did the covers of the entire season collection.

photos by Marc Gasch

photos by Marc Gasch

Poster Art Work/Key Art

the Snowboarder

We were asked to create editorial illustrations for the MBM Snowboarder magazine. Our style: rather personal, mixed with some cartoony influences. Illustration were always a reflection on the copy which was written by Basti Gogl (Editor and master mind behind the magazine). Each illustration was coloured in the same way as the over all colour used in each issue.

The Snowboarder


Method is all about attitude. Is the most "core snowboarding" magazine of the whole scene. Every aspect of the magazine is about authenticity: contents, photography, editorial direction… everything is about the true spirit of Snowboarding, so had to be the art direction too! With that in mind we used technics such as: collage, hand writing, illustration… Everything to represent the spirit of Method along every single page of the magazine. 

MARTIN GÖSSL / Schöne Queere Zeiten

This is a scientific book about gender studies. It was actually quite easy to create the book's title page and backside as it's content is more then inspirational: Cover: the way people would like to appear in society / Back side: the way people are treated in the real world