These soups are made to be drunk from the bottle. Seasonal, organic & local, glue free, lactose free as well as vegan. For use as designers, we got the task to go creazy, get some funky characters to each soup and make it intense. This is what we came up with !! as well see the website set up for them THE SOUP INC.



Here is a collection of the work we did for Obscura, a film company based in Vienna Austria. 
Logo, Businesscards, Website, Mural in their Office

Corporate Design

These are outtakes of many corporate designs we created over the last couple of years.

Music Album Artwork

Designs we created for various bands throughout the last years. Designs we created for various bands throughout the last years. Designs we created for various ...

Snowboard Graphics

Throughout our careers as designers we were asked to develop design for several snowboard brands, such as Lamar, Lib Tech (Europe), Bataleon and more . To use it is important that the graphic communicates the essence of board (Twintip, Boardstick etc.). Growing up riding, we know how much a graphic can motivate you to push you further and have a great day out in the snow, shared with friends.

Wine Design

Paul Richards head of Be-Like-Water invited us to create two wine designs for the major EU wide wine distributer Mitchells & Butlers. Closely we worked worked together following a brief tossing around ideas and concepts until we found two very special designs, each designs executed for a red- white and rose wine.
300K bottles of each design were printed on it's first run - therefore making it a successful project for us all.


TSG - Helmet design

All three pieces originated from a sketches that communicate the TSG brand. TSG itself is a world wide innovative and state of the arts helmet manufacturer, with it's head quarter's based in Switzerland. They are a team of fantastic people - creating great gear!

H. Gössl - Austrian Honey

H. Gössl produces rather untypical Austrian honey. His range of six, sometimes seven or even eight types of honey - depending on what the season offers - are all hand filled by himself. To him - his job is passion / we followed his lead and with passion we created our counterpart. All original labels are hand painted - as well as hand designed; the same goes for his overall logo and brand design.

Das Kaffeehäferl

"Das KAFEEHÄFERL" lies within the heart of Graz / Austria‘s second largest city. With one of the café‘s USP‘s found in Vienna‘s turn of the century coffee culture, we started this exciting journey; patterns fitted to the interior and the wallpaper used, details echoing the refurbished antique furniture. We created the look and feel, which includes photos that were taken in the cafe, we also plan to update these by taking shots regulary and updating the ever changing background. The customers become part of the walls - quite literally.