The Prato Restaurant Art Transformation

We were asked to paint the (former) grey walls of the renown gourmet restaurant Prato Im Palais in Graz/Austria. Our task was to transform this venue into an in space floating time machine passing by several events that took place in the history of kitchen cousin and the city itself while painting phrases and paragraphs onto the walls that were based on H.G. Wells book "the time machine". With it came a viral video campaign as well as countless mini photo albums spread over all social media platforms.
All fotos by Werner Krug // more on

Foto by Werner Krug

Tom Lohner

Andy Lohner




These are some "decorative" objects we created for two official Volcom Stores in France (in the cities of Nantes and Biarritz). And a Volcom corner in a clothing shop in Barcelona. We painted over two cymabls and three frying pans, All of them were created using markers directly on the surface of the object, taking profit of its own texture and showing the marks of the use they suffered along the time..


Spin That Record

Twenty 12” vinyl records and four mannequin heads sporting customised headphones were transformed with acrylics and collages.
The exhibition premiered at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Vienna, Austria. The exhibition toured throughout Europe, hitting various galleries and events.

Directed and filmed by Christian Gstöttner of ObscuraMusic by Fantasy Tank

The Unseen

A reflective photo | art project by fine art photographer Alexandra Thompson & visual fine artist Tom Lohner. This 5 x 2 fine art exhibition series is a reflection and an enquiry into beauty - what is it that attracts us to someone when we look at them? How do they see themselves when they look back at us? And how much is hidden from the viewer‘s eyes? How much is UNSEEN?

The personality of the women is explored through Alexandra Thompson’s photography, and enhanced through Tom Lohner’s interpretation in paint. A personal interview with the portrayed, including their musical taste, is combined with a different use of media on which these paintings are layered. The musicians contribute a song for each of the series that they feel best correlates with their perception of the images, which in turn is used as an in-painted soundtrack further reflecting the parts that form a personality.

Different nuances come together to enhance our perception of these women - to help us define what is really meant by beauty. The photographer, the painter, and the musician form a multi-dimensional vision of a multi-facetted personality while allowing us to consider what is left, and what is in all of us - the Unseen.